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About the Author of Love Leadership

Gregg Cochlan believes "Love Leadership is not just a good to have, it's a got to have. Business requires it. The world requires it. Just imagine what it could look like if people accessed a different way of leading that honored every individual's humanity and dignity. This is not woo-woo - this is practical. I've seen Love Leadership bring about miraculous changes in companies and in people. It's the natural way to breakthrough success - and now I am sharing what I've observed with everyone who will pick up this book, read it, and help to create a new style of leadership that not only improves the bottom line in companies but also improves relationships with family, friends and, yes, even enemies. If enough people do this, we can initiate a Love Leadership movement, which, I believe, can change the world."

Gregg Cochlan is a leadership coach, a strategic change architect, and a performance management consultant. He has been equipping industry leaders to deal with the challenges of change since 1986, and is president of thinc., Corporate Change Architect, a very proud affiliate of The Pacific Institute. Gregg's extensive coaching and strategic planning experience with corporations in both the private and public sectors includes clients in such diverse arenas as grain handling, government, the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunication, and nonprofit organizations. He has also experienced corporate change as the owner of several businesses. Gregg's experience and cutting edge thinking enable leaders to evaluate their organizations and successfully effect change. Gregg is especially proud that many of his clients have evolved into dynamic and effective Love Leaders with extraordinary results to their bottom line and infinitely higher rates of employee involvement, accountability and goal achievement.

Gregg is proud to call Saskatoon home, even prouder to be from the abundant province of Saskatchewan, and thankful to be a Canadian. He is thrilled to be celebrating his 28th year of marriage to Sandra, who is a wonderful partner, teacher and mother. Sandra and Gregg have three children, Katelyn, Avery and Brogen. Each one has been a Love Leadership teacher to Gregg.

You can purchase Love Leadership at a local bookseller or directly through the author as a printed book or eBook. Purchase: Love Leadership: What The World Needs Now.