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In a world where we give lip service to brotherly love but fight each other over every little thing till we're bloody, both figuratively in the world of business, and literally on the world stage in war and politics, "change architect" Gregg Cochlan sees light at the end of the tunnel. For him, the time is right, and that time is right now, to begin a major paradigm shift toward a new leadership style that he calls Love Leadership.

Cochlan describes how, for most of us, this is not a stretch, but rather is, once we put Love Leadership in place, a natural, authentic style. He also shows how years of corporate and social conditioning have led most of us to resist incorporating love into our leadership. As he explains, this book is not only about allowing love to enhance the way you lead others, but also a personal striving that can increase your capacity to love others personally and professionally and, in so doing, increase your effectiveness on both the personal and professional plane.

Once this style takes hold, it has the potential, he firmly believes, to gradually but inevitably become the dominant leadership style in the executive offices of corporations in Canada, the US and globally, as well as in the halls of justice, government, the military, schools, prisons... hopefully everywhere. When this happens, he relates, we will have created a far better world for ourselves. And not only for ourselves but for our children, for our children's children and ultimately for all descendents of the human race that he, quoting the nurse who coined the term calls "human becoming."

For Cochlan, Love Leadership is a way that any individual who is "in charge" - whether he or she is a boss, a business owner, a manager or director, a parent, a coach, a consultant, an elected or appointed official, etc. - can work with other people so that they feel inspired, respected, valued and, always, under even the most difficult circumstances, left with their humanity and dignity intact. When people interact this way, he allows, they are able to overcome conflict in infinitely more satisfying and effective ways.

Throughout the book, Cochlan provides specific examples of Love Leaders he has known, some he has worked with or known personally and others he has read about, some from out of the past, some from more recent times. He defines those qualities that make up a true Love Leader, and what results are possible when Love Leadership is the leader's dominant style. And always, Cochlan stresses that this is an ideal, a state that one must aspire to, but that one must also forgive oneself for falling short of, as he admits he himself often does, since he too is a "human becoming."

Progressively, from one chapter to the next, Cochlan builds a case for this new way of thinking and acting. He also shows, through examples from his own life and from the world around him, how striving to be a Love Leader creates greater success for you and for your business, and positively affects your family, your community, and all of the people around you - even those you may not interact with directly.

What Cochlan proposes in this amazing little book, which will resonate with you long after you finish reading it, and make you want to read it again and again, is that we are transitioning from an earlier personality-driven "win friends and influence people" style of leadership to what followed it, a more intellectual, by-the-book "7 Habits" and "10 Rules" style of leadership. What we must reach for and attain in today's world, he offers, is a mentorship that shines forth with the mentor/leader's authenticity, vulnerability, fearlessness, adventurousness, and his/her willingness to appear to others, and to themselves, as we all truly are: vulnerable. Because like it or not, vulnerability is the human condition.

Read this book, and you will understand why Love Leadership is definitely "what the world needs now," and discover how to uncloak your own Love Leadership style.